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Furniture For Kids

These items, although smaller, are made with the same care and precision as the rest of our wicker furniture. These durable sets are sure to be able to withstand the wear and tear that most children's furniture cannot handle. If you are shopping for an infant, make sure to check out our Delux Wicker Bassinet.

Youthful Seating
Deluxe Wicker Bassinet (UPS $110)
Doll Bed (UPS $10)
Lattice Doll Playtime Set (UPS $35)
With Coupon code, you pay only $304.50
With Coupon code, you pay only $58.10
Regular price: $338.00
Sale price: $213.00
With Additional 60% Off: $85.20
Kiddie Plantation Set
Moses Basket   (UPS $30)
With Coupon code, you pay only $73.50