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Dining Chairs: Camelback Dining Chairs

<b><i><font size="4">Dining Chairs:</i></font> <br><font size="3">Camelback Dining Chairs</b></font>" title="<b><i><font size="4">Dining Chairs:</i></font> <br><font size="3">Camelback Dining Chairs</b></font>Our Camelback Dining cushions are available in 3 different fabric grades. Please make sure that you measure accurately before ordering. The cushions sizes and breakdowns are listed below:

21"W x 21"D x 3T

Select your fabric choice from the following fabric grades. Click on each grade to see available fabrics and select the corresponding number below.

Indoor Fabrics   (Cotton & Polyester Fabrics)
Indoor / Outdoor Fabrics   (Olefin & Spun Polyester Fabrics)
Sunbrella   (Acrylic Fabrics)